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The voyage had begun, and Q&A: Dr. Emmanuel E. Akanwa Interviews Gil Ndi-Shang on his newest collection, The Radio, and Other Stories

“In The Radio and Other Stories, the scholar and the storyteller converge. The stories stir our emotions even as they prod our intellect. This is a fascinating collection that celebrates the tenacity of memory. In the end, the narrator presents a complex continuum of disparate realities made wholesome by his ability to impose a humane melody to the cacophonous inheritance falsely labeled as a postcolonial state. The prose flows seductively with a stylistic versatility, and the reader is bound to return to this collection repeatedly for engaging reflections.”

In this interview, Dr. Emmanuel E. Akanwa – Reading, English and Language Arts (RELA) teacher at DuVal High School, Maryland, U.S.A. – discusses the book with a keen and generous eye with its author, Dr. Gilbert Shang Ndi, Postdoc Fellow of the Cluster of Excellence-Africa Multiple, University of Bayreuth, and author of numerous scholarly articles, as well as creative works such as Letter from America (2019).

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Eine Welt ohne Hunger als Ziel / Afrika im Focus: Bundesentwicklungsminister Müller beim Fastenessen in Bayreuth

Gilbert Shang Press

Mehr Investitionen in die Entwicklung von Ländern, in denen Menschen hungern müssen, hat Gerd Müller, Bundesminister für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, gefordert. „Entwicklungspolitik ist die beste Friedenspolitik“, sagte Müller beim Bayreuther Fastenessen des Bundesbeauftragten für Aussiedlerfragen und nationale Minderheiten Hartmut Koschyk.

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