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Dr. Gilbert Shang Ndi

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Dr. Gilbert Shang (Romance Literatures/Comparative Studies, University of Bayreuth) holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS). He is a member of the Young Colleague Programme, Bavarian Academy of Sciences (Munich-Germany). In the recent past, he has been Research Fellow with the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his literary research in Congo, Peru, and Colombia. He hails from the North West region of Cameroon where he grew up before moving to Yaoundé and Bayreuth (Germany) for his undergraduate and graduate education respectively. He is the author of Letter from America: Memoir of an Adopted Child, State/society: Narrating Transformations in African Novels and co-editor of Tracks and Traces of Violence and Re-writing Pasts, Imagining Futures.

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Dr. Gilbert Shang
Dr. Gilbert Shang Ndi in South America
HUMA Book Launch | Gilbert Ndi-Shang: The Radio and Other Stories. For more information, visit http://www.huma.uct.ac.za/event/gilbe…
Join this duo from Mbumland in a comedic skit that celebrates the publication of Gilbert Ndi-Shang’s book, The Radio, and Other Stories. Combining proverbs and idiomatic expressions, the skit was originally aired at the book launch of The Radio and is now available for everyone’s enjoyment.

Gilbert Shang Ndi

Gilbert Shang Ndi: The Radio

“As you dusted the radio, almost half-heartedly, wondering if you needed it at all, you said to yourself: ‘Truly, the radio keeps tracking me, like the woman I shared with my father.’ You had bought that radio as one of your latest strategies for learning German. The language seemed to you like a hydra and one needed to keep overhauling old methods and devising new tactics in order to apprehend it. In addition to that, you enjoyed sleeping to the tunes of Radio Bayern that most often played pleasant RnB music all through the night. Then, for some time, you had gotten so busy with your thesis that your laptop took precedence over any other appliances in your room. Whatever radio programs you still followed, like your long-time companions BBC Afrique, Focus on Africa, and BBC News Hour, you did so on your laptop. “

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